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River Rafting Adventure Wild Route

Feel the wild charm of whitewater rafting on the Wild Route!

River Rafting Adventure Wild Route will take to the finest rapids of Kuusamo.

We will meet at Retkietappi, in Juuma, where we will gear up and the adventure will begin. At the start of the trip we will warm up by conquering the Niskakoski rapid. Rated as Class II in the international rapid rating system, this rapid gives you a nice challenge for the beginning. After that we will go on to the fastest leg of the Wild Route! First there is the Myllykoski rapid (III-IV). The rapid starts with a waterfall, after which the river flows briskly on to the left. Over the next 50 metres the drop is 5 metres, so there will be lots of churning whitewater to pass through!

After Myllykoski we will carry on to one of the biggest rapids to shoot in Finland: Aallokkokoski! This almost 900 metres long Class IV rapid brings you speed and challenges – following the skipper’s instructions, the paddlers will work as a team to cut through the haystack waves typical for Aallokkokoski. After conquering Aallokkokoski, the feeling of success is wonderful!

Next will be Jyrävä, which we will pass by on foot. The raft will be sent empty down the foaming waters of the Jyrävä waterfall – from the shore it is great to witness the power of the water in the fall.

From Jyrävä our rafting adventure will continue towards the Vattumutka bend. Many Class I-II rapids, and the gorgeous sceneries of Oulanka National Park are relaxing and calm the mind. Here, the lower part of River Kitkajoki meanders through steep gorges and the rapids are quite long. We will take our time, float on downstream and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. At Vattumutka we will go ashore, leave the raft and hike some 500 metres to the car. Please note that there are lots of stairs on the way. Transport by car back to the starting point.

Departures every day at 15:00 from Juuma, minimum group size 4 people

Trip duration 2 h incl. transport

Price €60 per adult

Age limit K18

The rafting price is inclusive of gear (rubber boots, rain pants and raincoat, PFD, helmet), transport back to the meeting place, a guide who is a trained rafting skipper, a rubber raft with paddles, insurances.


Tips for the Great Whitewater Rafting Adventure

For the moment, the splashing in the river is strong and your clothes can get wet despite the rainwear. You can bring a dry change of clothes with you – we recommend this particularly in cool weather. The rafts have waterproof bags/barrels for your clothes.

Please pack your phone and camera in a waterproof case if you want to bring them along on the trip. Customers are responsible for the safe-keeping of their phones, cameras and other sensitive equipment.

Be sure to bring a drinking bottle for the adventure.

Please take part in our trips only when healthy!

We focus on summer services and are open only from June to September. It is important to us that we can operate safely all through the summer season. Out of respect for your fellow travellers and our staff – please take part in our trips only when healthy. Please clean your hands before gearing up upon arrival and departure. Hand sanitizer is available for your convenience. There are also face masks available during transport in our cars.

If you have symptoms before the trip and have to cancel due to COVID-19 symptoms, we will rebook your on another trip free of charge.