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Whitewater rafting

River Kitkajoki, Kuusamo

Welcome to whitewater rafting on River Kitkajoki in Kuusamo!

The rapids of River Kitkajoki offer rafting adventures in Kuusamo for adults and whole families. See our selection of rafting trips and book your adventure now!

The price includes:

  • The rafting price is inclusive of gear (rubber boots, rain pants and raincoat, PFD, helmet)
  • transports
  • a guide who is a trained rafting skipper,
  • a rubber raft with paddles
  • insurances

Whitewater Rafting in Kuusamo

There has been whitewater rafting on River Kitkajoki in Kuusamo since the early 1900s, and from Retkietappi since the 1950s. Wooden boats have been changed into rubber rafts, and a skipper’s qualification is required from the skippers of today, but the charm of whitewater rafting has stayed the same!

River Kitkajoki is an ideal river for rafters. The Käylä – Juuma  route, the so-called upper course of Kitkajoki, is an excellent beginner rafting route that lends itself well for a family activity as well (age limit 5 years). The route includes seven rapids, with most of them Class I-II rapids. The power of the stream can be experienced at Harjakoski rapid, which is the only Class III rapid on the upper course route. 

For adventurers and experienced rafters, the lower course, also known as the routes of Juuma – Vattumutka and Juuma – Pähkänänkallio, offers a great experience of challenge and excitement of speed! The age limit for the lower course routes is 18. These routes lead you to experience the biggest rapid to shoot in Finland, Aallokkokoski rapid. Below Jyrävä waterfall, the long Class I-II rapids meander downstream through the stunning scenery of Oulanka National Park. Read more about our whitewater rafting trips and book your own adventure!

Tips for the Great Whitewater Rafting Adventure

For the moment, the splashing in the river is strong and your clothes can get wet despite the rainwear. You can bring a dry change of clothes with you – we recommend this particularly in cool weather. The rafts have waterproof bags/barrels for your clothes.

Please pack your phone and camera in a waterproof case if you want to bring them along on the trip. Customers are responsible for the safe-keeping of their phones, cameras and other sensitive equipment.

In sunny weather and if there is enough time, it is possible to take a dip in the river from the raft – so be sure to dress accordingly.

Please take part in our trips only when healthy!

We focus on summer services and are open only from June to September. It is important to us that we can operate safely all through the summer season. Out of respect for your fellow travellers and our staff – please take part in our trips only when healthy. Please clean your hands before gearing up upon arrival and departure. Hand sanitizer is available for your convenience. There are also face masks available during transport in our cars.

If you have symptoms before the trip and have to cancel due to COVID-19 symptoms, we will rebook your on another trip free of charge.